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All your data and organizational knowledge on one connected platform 

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In a Connected Company, all the data from your internal organizational tools become connected to empower you at every stage of your work. 

Fetching data from the internal organizational tools you already use to keep you data-informed

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Your data empowering you to focus on meaningful work and colloboration

When companies grow, it becomes difficult to personally know each employee, their skill sets, and strengths. With a Connected Company, you can easily find which colleagues and employees you can collaborate with based on their availability and skill set to work on the next business problem within your company.   

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You decide what is relevant for you and your way of working

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Reduce the meaningless repetitive work with automation

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Your connected data providing you context at every stage of your work  

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The Challenge

Size doesn’t slow companies down, disconnection does

As companies grow in size, they also grow in complexity and work gets divided into functional silos. Leaders are separated from frontline workers, clients, customers, and communication starts to break down. The true problem here isn’t size, it’s disconnection. The solution? A Connected Company, where data and AI build bridges between all the leaders, workers, clients, and markets.


The Process

Understanding the key disconnections by using user-centric methods  

We conducted user research that led us to better understand the disconnections at hand. We found out that the major disconnect is to reach specific knowledge by our employees. Every employee, regardless of their area of focus, spent hours finding knowledge to help them in their daily tasks. We recognized the problem worth solving was, "How can I find X knowledge in the organization efficiently?" This knowledge could be files, decisions, project materials, reports, and so on from all different sites. The goal was to enable employees to have meaningful conversations and make use of knowledge instead of laboriously looking for the right document.


We initiated our journey by using internal organization data and ran eight experiments to widen our understanding of disconnections. This led us to several concept testings of our possible directions and the idea of Futucortex - a connected platform came about. This platform would empower employees, optimize our ways of working, expose us to familiar and new knowledge while helping us get closer to our goal of a Connected Company. The majority of the design process focused on creating relevance. In order to do so, we employed machine learning and AI to populate the user interface with multiple internal data sources. We conducted further research to understand the user's intent and approach when finding knowledge; then used the findings to design interaction patterns that would compliment their existing behaviour. The design also focused on how new knowledge created in the organization can be fetched automatically from operational data sources and how its relevance, plus the ranking logic, can be automated to enrich the user experience and provide better value.

The Impact

A Connected Company, that is more data-informed, efficient & productive 

We have been mindful of how this transformation would enable us to have an impact on various levels. By connected data using Ai, employees can better tap into organisational knowledge, get rid of meaningless repetitive work, increase efficiency, improve quality of work, and expose themselves to new information. On an organisational level, the transparency and effectiveness increases as people, materials, and topics are better connected. On an industry level, this has the potential to disrupt the current model of organization management and connect organizations by omitting silos that percolate when an organization grows.


With a Connected Company, there is an opportunity with immense potential to globally reimagine the ways of work, communication, culture, knowledge sharing, and organizational structure.